Taking action by staying inside during these times can also mean more opportunity for exploring spatial audio mixing, production and research.

To help support the collective efforts we would like to extend 3 month full licenses to all of Mach1 Spatial System to anyone interested.

Please submit your PACE iLok Username to receive licenses to Mach1 Spatial System.

Avid also offers a FOC (free of charge) license currently for ProTools Ultimate/HD, a primary DAW and host to the Mach1 Spatial System plugins. You can read more about the Avid FOC licenses here.

Explore how Bose AR is helping content creators think about spatial audio use in new ways here. Mach1 Spatial mixes can already be experienced today through Bose Radar iOS. By connecting a Bose AR device, users can play a number of spatialized music tracks and nature scenes. If you are a developer you can explore AR audio and Bose AR devices using Bose AR SDK.

Join the slack channel and become involved in the growing spatial audio community or watch our Mach Spatial System tutorials here.