Mach1 Spatial SDK

Mach1 Spatial Audio format is a Virtual Vector Based Panning (VVBP) system contained into a single multichannel deliverable through already existing audio containers and codecs with the intent of keeping all traditional audio practices and post-production intact while enabling full 3DOF interactive spatial sound. It does not require any audio library or media engine and can function fully on top of any existing audio system/engine. Mach1 Spatial SDK consists of API library files for various common development platforms & languages and includes examples of integration for common devices. The SDK is always expanding and incorporating new tools and comes with further design and integration support from engineers as it develops further based on any design related request. Mach1 Spatial SDK has examples of the library expanded to 6DOF by utilizing rotation/attenuation algorithms to correctly rotate the Mach1 Spatial sound field mixes to follow a user’s position. This has been built out as plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine as examples. Mach1Encode & Mach1Transode libraries allow developers to get creative with up-mixing any audio files or streams to Mach1 Spatial for an endless array of development options server or client side.