Defenders of the Audio Realm

Creative Control

Mach1 Spatial preserves the traditional vector panning approaches used for stereo and surround mixing, bridging traditional audio production best practices and expanding them to new interactive mediums with full creative control. Unlike other spatial audio solutions Mach1 Spatial enables soundfield mixing control for your stereo image, dynamic range and returns creative choices for hard panning or divergence with the same expectations audio production has had for 100 years.

Define Your Own Soundfield

Gain full creative control and define the spatial audio soundfield without compromise or limits. No proprietary effect processing or abstract mixing environments are required to use Mach1 Spatial. Mach1 Spatial acts as your transparent mixing framework and does not utilize runtime effects that could alter your intended mix from app to app. Mix reliably from platform to platform is the same as common stereo audio files.

Master Format

A simplified framework for delivering multichannel and spatial audio that does not rely on proprietary codecs, containers or metadata. No runtime processing is used and no complex and proprietary object audio solutions required making Mach1 Spatial perfect for converting to any multichannel or spatial audio format that exists or will arise in the future. Be prepared, mix once and safely convert as needed while the audio development landscape continues to grow.

Swiss Army Knife of Multichannel & Spatial Audio

Mach1Transcode API acts as a unifying framework that lets you safely convert from any surround, spatial or multichannel format to any other surround, spatial or multichannel format by using Mach1 Spatial as an effect processing-free master format. Mach1Transcode API also allows custom format templating to allow you control over what formats are supported without waiting for 3rd party solution support.

Single Spatial Playback API For All Content

With Mach1Decode & Mach1Transcode APIs you can focus on a single spatial audio playback solution and maintain all future ingestible formats safely. Gain control of the segmented spatial audio development community and focus on supporting all spatial audio options for content, creatives and users.

Bridge Together Other Audio Solutions

Mach1 Spatial APIs are designed to be lightweight, modular and non-proprietary to add spatial audio features to any native audio handler or player. Safely implement Mach1 Spatial APIs without worrying about replacing any current development and safely support any other integration or solution in the future. Start bridging audio solutions together with Mach1 Spatial APIs instead of struggling with audio solution choices due to tech stack limitations.